50p Turnip!

hello my name is david jenkins and i live in england i was contacted last nite by the spooky ghost of david casssidy. david spoke to me in my bedrooom adn told me to look at milliondollarhomepage.com to find inspiratrion for my own money making skeem so i looked at that site and it was a very nice site and i still did'nt no what david was talking about so i went back 2 bed and tryed to get back to sleep but david cassiddy came back and he had his friend with him he said his friend was called steven but he never told me his last name anyway......... david explained too me i shood set up a sight that is like alex tews site exept i should sell peaces of turnip instead of pixels.............. i do'nt no what a pixel is n.e.way

so you can by a peace of turnip from this site and you can put an add on it so people can click to you're sight

anyway you can buy a peace of turnip for 5 pence and when the peaces are all sold then ill have 50 pee and i can turn the turnip over and i can sell the back (that bit was steevens idea) adn when i have a pound then i can by some crisps and some sherbert and a car and jenny beecham from school will like me

n.e.way here is tha turnip


if you want too by a peace of turnip then youll have to give me the muney at school because i dont have a bank account or credit card to pay me online

if you like this site please visit my other site "86p weasel".