hCalendar Acid Test

This page is intended to be to hCalendar what the old browser acid test was to HTML. It is a set of hCalendars, events, todo items, freebusy info and alarms that is sure to push even the best parsers to their limits. (RDFa is also used, but only to assign different titles to each calendar.)

The Scandinavian Calendar

Ferry Party

The public are invited to attend the yearly party on the Hirtshals-Kristiansand ferry, held on the 12th of May every year since 2004. Bring wine, cheese and a good winter coat.

For information, contact "The Cat in the Wooly Hat", John "Rockin'" Doe.

Co-ordinates: 58.06614, 8.06614

Walk the plank!

Brave souls are invited to jump into the icy cold sea at midnight.

People signed up for this already are:

  • Alice Jones
  • Carol Brown

Vodka Drinkathon

From 6pm down a shot of vodka every hour on the hour until midnight. (Take your final shot just before midnight if you're participating in the swim.)


Bar tender must pour vodka, ready to drink, five minutes before it's needed.

Buy tickets

Need to buy plane tickets to attend party.

Due: 2008-05-08.

Completeness: 39%.

Free/Busy Info

We need to discuss health and safety for the party. Do we have enough lifeboats? Conference call required.

Busy: 20080416T000000Z/20080417T000000Z, 20080418T180000Z/PT30M

An hAtom Entry

2008-04-15T17:12:03Z: What's this doing in an hCalendar test page? It can be exported as a VJOURNAL entry.

— Dave Wong

ACME Annual General Meeting

Table headers pattern.
  Conference Room Ballroom
2008-06-19 Widget sales in Q1 2008. Social event: pub quiz.
2008-06-20 The future of widget design. Social event: dinner and dance. This should also appear on both calendars.

More Events

The Non-Calendar Event

The spec says: If a document contains elements with class name "vevent" but not "vcalendar", the entire document has an implied "vcalendar" context. This document does contain elements with class name "vcalendar", thus the entire page does not have an implied "vcalendar" context. This event should not be included in either of the output calendars, and should probably not even be parsed.

Date: 2008-06-14
Summary: This event should not appear in either calendar.

The Double Event

The include pattern is used to include this event in both calendars. It should appear in both. Both <object class="include"> and <a class="include"> are tested.

This event should appear in both calendars.
This inclusion should be silently ignored.
This inclusion should also be ignored.

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