This is the personal website for Toby Inkster. As you're on the front page you probably want to know something about me, or find out what is here.

(No, the webcam picture is not live, so don't sit there waiting for it to update!)

About Me

Condensed life story: I was born in 1980 in Tokyo, Japan and raised in Sydney, Australia and Nottingham, England. I studied Maths & Computer Science at Imperial College, London and now live in leafy Ealing and work as IT & Telecommunications Co-ordinator for The National Childbirth Trust, Europe's largest and best recognised parenting charity.

What's Here?

As a long time web user and self-proclaimed HTML guru, I have a small section on what I feel is the "best practice" for creating web pages. It includes a (half-written) tutorial for newbies and some more in-depth looks at particular aspects of web design, such as navigation. There is also a page full of add-ons, hints and tips for my favourite web browser Opera, including the ever-popular w3-dev menu.

My computer runs an operating system called Linux and I have a few pages on why running Linux is a Good Thing, how exactly it all works and a few tricks on how to get some stubborn hardware to work.

I also have an interest in cryptography and think that it is important for regular citizens to use strong cryptography to protect their email from both government meddling and nosey ISP employees. For this reason I encourage people to use PGP when emailing me. For a bit of crypto-related fun, visit the Steganography Challenge. Also, check out my message-hiding software

And that brings me to another major ingredient for the site: programming. There are various free bits and bobs that you can download, though most are geeky playthings. This includes DemiBlog (the software behind this website) and (a basic GTK jukebox).

Outside of computers, my biggest interest is probably music — my tastes are eclectic: I like roots rock through to punk pop, Bowie through to Beethoven and lots and lots of Counting Crows. You can read about my favourite bands and skim my CD collection.

I used to be employed part time as a chef, so I've included some of my favourite recipes on this site.

This site is customisable. Choose any style in the "Site Style" box and the whole site will change appearance. Some styles may not be supported in Internet Explorer, so for the best experience at this site (and on the Internet in general) I recommend Opera, Netscape or Mozilla.

This site is all Copyright © 1997-2004 Toby A Inkster. All rights reserved. So there. :-)